Seminole Reads: Local Indie Press Announces First New Book of 2017

Burrow Press, a local nonprofit independent publisher in Orlando, has announced their newest title, coming in 2017: The Persistence of Rivers by Alison Townsend.

Part memoir, part meditation, Townsend’s longform essay evokes the naturalism of Thoreau and Dillard, spanning decades from the 1950s to the present, and examining issues of landscape, loss, memory, healing, and the search for home.

While the actual release date for the book is April 2017, Subscriber-level members of The Illiterati, Burrow Presss “community of book-loving weirdos,” will receive the book in January, along with other books throughout the new year. The cost is only $60 per year, and all of the proceeds to into keeping this indie press alive and well. Subscribers also receive an Illiterati membership pin, their name in all Burrow Press 2017 books, and all of Burrow Press’ 2017 books and ebooks, with free shipping. There are other subscription levels as well, at different price points ranging from $20 to $120 per year, all with their own unique gifts and bonuses.

Burrow Press also hosts the popular “Functionally Literate” quarterly reading series. Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events, including the first one for 2017 on January 21.